to the Observatory

on Populist Discourse and Democracy

Lectures series

30 May 2018
Jakub Jakubowski
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland

Populism in Poland: How Did we Get Here

Lectures series

5 December 2016
Panos Kompatsiaris
Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Art, Aesthetics and the People: The Artist Taxi Driver as Populist Realism and Working Class Pride

Lectures series

2 April 2015
Dario Azzellini
Johannes Kepler University

Venezuela and the Latin American Context: Revolutionary Populism?

Lectures series

1 April 2016
David Laycock
Simon Fraser University

Populism and Canadian Multiculturalism

Lectures series

3 June 2015
John McCormick
University of Chicago

Democracy in Crisis and the Populist Challenge

Lectures series

23 March 2015
Cas Mudde
University of Georgia

Populism: An Ideational Approach

Lectures series

12 March 2015
Nebojša Blanuša
University of Zagreb

The Conspiratorial Thinking in Populist Reason

Lectures series

16 December 2014
Juan Pablo Ferrero
University of Bath

Democracy and Populism in Contemporary Latin America


Populism and Democracy

International Conference
Thessaloniki, 26-28 June 2015